New! NFT Poems

I made a foray into NFT/Crypto poetry this past winter. The following are some examples of poems I “minted.” They are available for anyone to read as is or to “collect” – in the vernacular of the NFT art community. The fun of these was reinterpreting existing poems into visual projects – to create something new.

I Have a Big Announcement to Make” in response to the former President’s sale of NFT “trading cards”

Why I Might Never Mint Another Poem as an NFT, a video tribute to my friend and mentor, José Cedillos and his view of art.

Upon Gazing at the First Image Sent Back From the Beginning of Time – Oh, JWST, you provide so much wonder (and prompts for poems).

Sometimes a Poem…just wants to go out on the town. Another video. If you like your poems wearing pink boas, this one is for you.

Finally, a Haiku series — The Five Seasons of 2022. These have proven most popular as additions to folks collections – perhaps because they were my first.

Here are a couple of screen shots if you choose not to click through.