It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Lots of poems have gone out into the wild, but few I’ve written have elicited as much thoughtful response as “The Miracle of Naming,” up today on Rattle. When I sent it out, I was not as confident in its quality as I often am. But I have gotten so many insights into the poem from readers who dug deep into the piece.

That’s the thing about poetry for me. If I abandon myself to the process and writing, I am always surprised. In this case, most of the “work” was preparatory – re-reading the myths surrounding Icarus (which led to his father who built the labyrinth, which led to Ariadne whose string helped Theseus escape the man-beast-Minotaur), learning that dandelions have been around for 30,000,000 years, to finding out more about cooking brisket, and, of course, reading all of the news articles and elegiac and celebratory posts about Fern.

2 thoughts on “Naming”

  1. I LOVE this poem. Every time I read it, I find something new. You have a wonderful way of capturing and linking seemingly disparate subjects.


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